Better Music for Business

The team of music programmers at Playdio can customize your playlist, for your store. This isn’t just picking songs, it’s targeting your audience and using radio station tuning tactics to ensure your customers enjoy their experience in your business.


You hire professional architects, lawyers, designers and consultants. The Playdio music programmers will build custom playlists to create your ideal selling environment.


It’s your business, it’s your radio station. And it’s your branding messages inside your music with Playdio


The Playdio music programming team is comprised of experienced and successful radio programmers. You truly have your own radio station for your business


Tired of weather storms knocking out your music service? Playdio doesn’t rely on sky signals that get blocked by rain or snow. We also don’t stream the music to you, so even if your Playdio device loses it’s internet connection, your music continues uninterrupted and seamlessly.


Pre-set your playlists, with Playdio. Through the day, your customers change. Your music needs to change too. Get started now.


With no buttons on the device, control of your music is completely secure. Staff cannot change channels, without your approved access to the Playdio admin system. No buttons, no un-approved music changes.


Creating an environment that effectively connects to your demographic, creates trust, satisfaction, longer time spent, and brand strength. Your customers are your best brand ambassadors, let’s create an environment they will enjoy and want to return to.


All stars. The music Playdio licenses on your behalf, are all the hits. Our music is by the world’s biggest stars only Unlike other services, we don’t use cover artists and unknown songs. All Hits, All Stars on Playdio.


With Playdio you can run your commercial campaigns, in store. Also consider selling commercials to your partners and earning income.

Music Services

8 Stock Audio Channels
Skip & Block Tracks
$29/mo+ one time $149 connection fee

Playdio Pro is a simple and easy solution to get better music into your business, at the lowest cost. Playdio Pro gets your Playdio player, and our growing list of pre-programmed channels to choose from. In addition to this, you’ll also have access to our “seasonal” channels to add Christmas, Halloween or other music to your business.

All Stock Audio Channels
Skip & Block Tracks
Auto Playlist Scheduling
Playlist Customization
$59/mo+ one time $149 connection fee

Playdio Plus is a huge leap forward for branding your business music. Along with our full channel library, this is where you can customize channels to create your own branded sound. Changing demographics through the day also means changing your music. With Playdio plus, our music programmers can set up auto playlist changing for you. For example, if you’d like a custom “throwback Thursday” music to start Thursday night at 7, it will happen automatically.

Choice of Audio or Audio/Video Channels
Skip & Block Tracks
Auto Playlist Scheduling
Digital Signage
$99/mo+ one time connection fee $149 (Audio) or $299 (Video)

Playdio Performance is the most cost effective solution on the market to bring high-definition music videos into your business. Want to use your TVs to advertise wing night? Now you can, with our easy to use Digital Display scroll bar. Performance also comes with Playdio LIVE!, our mobile request feature. This brings the functionality of a jukebox into today’s world, where your guests can request songs right from their phone.

All Audio & Video Channels
Skip & Block Tracks
Auto Playlist Scheduling
Playlist Customization
Digital Signage
Audio Messaging
$159/mo + one time connection fee $299

Playdio Performance Plus service adds on complete video customization, plus the ability to advertise your in-house events, clubs, announcements and marketing programs through audio messaging. Simple quick messaging can bring attention to your business priorities. Perfect for retail, grocery, bars and lounges, Playdio Performance Plus gives you complete flexibility and control with your in-store media stations.

Our Device

Our Device

Simply easy.

Playdio player is powered by a standard electrical outlet and plugs into your existing audio system with a common headphone connector. Connect to wifi, or plug Playdio into your network and you have music. It is NOT a streaming device. That means, if the internet connection goes down, your music keeps playing because the music is stored right on your device.

Playdio Live

Playdio is Live for you!

We understand that sometimes you just need to hear your favorite song, and you want to hear it as soon as possible. Playdio Live works much like an old school jukebox, in that you get to request your song. And it’s super easy too. Just visit any Performance or Performance Plus subscriber, login and submit your request.

Playdio Live

Our Channels

Amour Blends of classic love songs, with super sexy songs too.
Australia Day All Australian artists non-stop on this channel!
Backseat Make-out Songs Sexy songs for sexy times!
Classic Hits The biggest pop and rock hits from the 70s, 80s, 90s and 2000s!
Cupid's Arrow Capturing lovers with beautiful lyrics and soft gentle sounds.
House Party All of your favorite House Party songs from the 70s 80s 90s and 2000s!
Irish Happy St Patricks Day! Or, if you just love Irish bands, you'll love this!
Kitchen Party A mix of all genres of Canadian Maritime artists! Go East Coast!
Mixtape Hot 40 Today's hottest urban, RnB, and Hip Hop hits
Mixtape 90s Throwback 90s and early 2000s urban hits!
O'Playdio Variety of the best St Paddy's Day songs, plus traditional Celtic songs
Overdrive Hard Rock and Metal selections only.
Revolver Enjoy our collection of the biggest rock songs the 90s have to offer.
Rock City Rock icons centered around the 70s and 80s. Deep tracks and big hits!
Stampede Today's biggest Country artists alongside the greatest Country classics.
Starlight Standards from the golden age of Jazz.
Tailgate Pre-Game energizing hits!
The Beat 2K All pop, all fun and familiar. And it's all from the 2000s.
The Beat 80s & 90s Pop hits from the 80s and 90s live here!
The Beat Hot 40 Bringing you today's hottest Pop Hits!
The Beat Trending The hottest new and trending songs!
The Star 2000s Your favorite pop songs and singer songwriters songs of the millennium.
The Star 70s 80s 90s Soft retro favorites from the 70s 80s and 90s.
The Star Hot 40 Today's Soft Pop Hits
The Star Soft Hits Soft Pop Hit Channel, with New Pop and Pop favorites.
Thrift Shop A great mix of indie hits for Millennials.
Vegas Nights An epic era of music, and lifestyle. The Rat Pack's favorite channel!.


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