What Is Day-Parting?

Understanding your day-parts, specifically the audience you are catering to, is a crucial step in understanding how to build exceptional customer experiences for your business. Day-parting is dividing your business into defined “parts”, and creating business strategies to maximize success for individual day-parts. This can be product specials, changes to environment, augmented menus etc. Each day-part should be identified and contain market targeted music. Day-parting allows you to create focused, custom experiences for a specific time of day. Although genres, artists etc. may not change, subtle changes to moods and tempos create the required environment for your day-parts.

Handcrafted Playlists

Playdio’s team of award winning programmers create hand-crafted playlists using research and analytics to ensure only the best music and videos are included. These playlists cover genres, day-parts, themes and moods targeting the customer experience.

Ad Media
Ad Media

Playdio is also a powerful marketing tool, allowing you to strategically market your business to those that matter, your customers! Whether it’s audio messaging, or digital ads running on your displays, Playdio unlocks your business' marketing potential.

Playdio Pod
Playdio Pod

The Playdio Pod is an in-house, hardware solution that allows you to store your media, videos, and media at your business. No streaming! Playdio’s cloud based technology automatically updates your Playdio Pod with new media daily, keeping your playlists fresh and current.


Our intuitive scheduler allows you to schedule your audio and video entertainment. your schedule so your music, much like your clientele, automatically changes throughout the day.

Playdio Live
Playdio Live

Engage your customers with Playdio's request feature. Much like a jukebox, customers can purchase credits and make requests, easily, from their smart-phones. There is no disruption in your environment as customers can ONLY request music from your scheduled playlist.


Playdio is licenced to provide music to businesses across North America. Working with BMI, ASCAP and SESAC in the USA and SOCAN, ReSOUND, CONNECT and SODRAC in Canada, Playdio remits and reports licencing fees on your behalf, as a part of your monthly subscription.


Viral Content


PlaydioTV provides curated, licensed video content designed to better engage and entertain your customers. From funny epic fail videos, amazing stunts, trick shots and crazy mother nature videos, Playdio has you covered. Boost your in-house experience with a customer engagement video system, powered by Playdio!

Starting at $79/mo
Music Services


Playdio is the most cost effective way to put legal music in your business. Our full library of effectively programmed playlists cross all genres of music. With Playdio you can quickly add the biggest hits to your business, by increasing the energy and making your customers happy. There is no need to spend your valuable time researching songs, and adding them to your device.

Starting at $29/mo
Marketing Services

Branding & Marketing

When customers are in your space they’re focused on your products. This is where a well-placed, scheduled, message or promotion can influence them to make more unplanned purchases and get them to come back to your business again and again.

More and more brands are using platforms like Instagram to tell their story. Leverage this content by inserting links to your social pages. Playdio can pull content from your social media pages multiple times per day to deliver the most recent social posts.

Starting at $19/mo
Custom services

Content Creation

Playdio subscribers have access to our team of in-house music curators, professional voice over artists, graphic designers and content specialists. They will work with you one-on-one to create branded video & audio marketing content. Just send us the scope of your project for a quote!

the Console

Our interface is intuitive and easy to use!

The Console houses everything you need to control your media and manage your components. You can favorite playlists, skip, play and block tracks using the Playdio Player widget.
Search for media or browse our groups for playlists to suit your environment. Create and save unique mixes of playlists, schedule your media and splash scrolling messages all from the same page.

Playdio Console

Playdio Pod V2

Playdio Pod

Dynamite comes in small packages.

Say hello to the Playdio Pod V2. This little device still delivers Playdio's reliable, easy-to-use media and advertising service that our clients know and love ... it's just better. Faster set-up and initialisation, crisper graphics and asynchronous dual display capabilities.

  • Asynchronous dual display
  • Quad core processor
  • 4K Support

Our Pod is powered by a standard electrical outlet and plugs into your existing media system with a common headphone connector and HDMI. Connect to wifi, or plug Playdio into your network and you have music. It is NOT A STREAMING DEVICE. That means, if the internet connection goes down, your media keeps playing because it's stored locally on your device.

Playdio Live

Playdio is Live for you!

We understand that sometimes you just need to hear your favorite song, and you want to hear it as soon as possible. Playdio Live works much like an old school jukebox, in that you get to request your song. And it’s super easy too. Just visit any Video subscriber, login and submit your request.

Playdio Live

the Playdio Team

Dan Martens Software Engineer
Dan Martens Software Engineer
Shane Hewitt Music Programmer
Shane Hewitt Music Programmer
Anthony Hudson Music Programmer
Anthony Hudson Music Programmer
MatLunnen Sales Director
Mat Lunnen Sales Director
Rob Kealy Production Director
Rob Kealy Production director
Sean Cavanaugh
Sean Cavanaugh Graphic & UI Designer


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