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$215/mo+ $399 one-time hardware fee
Music Video
Viral Video
Digital Marketing
Playlist Mixing
All Playlists
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Playdio Prime

Playdio is now offering the most robust entertainment marketing experience in the industry. Playdio Prime provides the best in music video, viral videos, social media and digital signage all on one Playdio Pod! This all-inclusive package provides an all access pass to our handcrafted music video and viral video playlists. With our easy to use Playdio Console you can mix, match and schedule this content to change, as your business needs change throughout the day.

Our Playdio App (available through the App Store and Google Play) gives you real time control of your content from anywhere, giving you more flexibility than ever before.

Our dual screen 4K output allows you to show music videos on one screen, and viral videos on another, providing a WOW experience as soon as your customers walk through the door.

$99/mo+ $199 one-time set-up fee
Audio Messaging Content
4 Professionally Recorded Messages /month
Includes Playdio Plus

Audio Messaging

When shoppers are in your store, they’re focused on your products. This is where a well-placed message, pre-scheduled by you, can be extremely effective. Letting them know about an in-store promotion, rewards program, or big upcoming sale while they shop can influence them to make more unplanned purchases and get them to come back to your store again and again.

$19/mo+ $199 one-time set-up fee
Digital Marketing
Playlist Mixing

Digital Signage

We live in the age of screens. Whether it’s a computer screen, a smartphone or a TV screen, we get nearly all of our information from a form of digital advertising on a screen. It is the most effective way of communicating visual information, so why aren’t you using it in your business?

With Playdio, you can easily upload, schedule and manage all of your digital signage, from static image menu boards to motion graphic ads and social media pages, even full on video ads with sound! Digital signage in your store or restaurant is guaranteed to engage your customers and get them to spend more.