Playdio is Live for you!

Like you, we also LOVE music. We understand that sometimes you just need to hear your favorite song, and you want to hear it as soon as possible. Just visit any subscriber that has Playdio Live enabled! It works much like an old school jukebox, in that you get to request your song. And it’s super easy too.

  1. Visit our website at
  2. Sign up or login easily with Facebook
  3. Grab your credits
  4. Request your songs!

Here’s the best part! You can use your credits anywhere Playdio Live is enabled! On the road for work? No problem, visit a Playdio location in another city and you can request there as well. Playdio Live works for music, and for music videos, depending on your location. Have fun! Toss your favorite songs into the request bin, and enjoy your visit!